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Oil System Cleaner



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Oil System Cleaner
Product properties
Oil System Cleaner removes operational contamination and resin deposits in the entire oil and lubricating circuit, residue and
carbonization in the piston rings and the upper cylinder area, neutralizes harmful engine acids. This leads to reduced fuel
consumption, improved engine performance, reduced wear of the aggregates and longer life of the catalytic converter. In addition,
Oil System Cleaner protects the engine during the cleaning process through highly effective lubrication components.
Area of application
Use in oil and lubricant circulation in 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and high Performance
engines like marine and emergency engines
Add Oil System Cleaner to the hot oil circuit. After exposure time change hot oil and filter according to manufacturer's instructions.
300ml treats up to 5 liters of oil. Mixing ratio: 1:15


Oil system cleaner

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Oil system cleaner 300ml Очиститель двигателя

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Oil System Cleaner

Oil System Cleaner

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